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Hey there! I'm Chris, the founder of BELLE&BIZZE. We started from a bubble bath and a bad off-brand candle. Sitting there soaking up the wonderful epson salts, I looked at the candle as it was pouring out black marks of smoke up my bathroom tile. I thought, hmm... I love great, quality candles but there really should be a luxury candle that is affordable AND all natural. 

So I got to work. I researched the best waxes, the best wicks, and the best essential oils I could find on the market and the testing started. After months upon months of trial and error, BELLE&BIZZE was established. We came up with what we believe to be one of the best all natural candles you can find.. And they smell AMAZING.

We love our candles and are sure you will love them too! From our home to yours,



founder | ceo

Passionate and driven by a love for high quality products that are all-natural and good for you (but almost always overpriced) Chris did research and made his first luxury candle. Almost immediately, BELLE&BIZZE was born and to this day stays founded in his original goal of creating high-quality products that people can actually afford to enjoy.



chief evangelist

Belle's real name is actually Bella, but she's everyone's favorite "Belle Mamma!" She's loves when we release new fragrances in our soy candles/wax melts. She might bark a lot, but she wants you to know that she's telling you to go check out our new products that she loves so much!



quality control officer

The more observant one of the group, miss Izze, is always "busy" staring and judging things around and only loves something if it's on her terms. She's the perfect quality control manager. She never really has much to say, but when she does, she makes sure everyone knows about it.

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