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Welcome to BELLE&!

Here at Belle&Bizze, (pronounced like bell and busy) we believe in enhancing and rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit. We are dedicated to hand-pouring only the finest essential oils, fragrance, soy wax and wooden wick candles to help you feel more relaxed, vibrant, and peaceful in your space. We are a different kind of luxury brand...passion fueled premium handmade products centered on the idea that we all deserve nice things that won't break the bank.


Life is  short. Burn the candle!

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I just received my first order, and perfect falls short of describing these candles. These candles leave an amazing scent in any room that you put them in. I absolutely LOVE that it burns clean as well. I highly recommend to anyone!


Belle&Bizze has an amazing fragrance that is all natural and very soothing. What I really love about this product is the presentation of luxury. It comes wrapped in beautiful paper and a luxury box with a ribbon to add to the excitement. When going to friend's homes or joining important people this is the perfect gift. No muss, no fuss it is all done for you.


I love the reed diffusers! The matte black is so chic. It looks great in any environment and the fragrance smells incredible. It really sets the mood for the room. If you're very conscious about having a candle flame, this is a great alternative!


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